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Sourcing and gathering information solutions

Sourcing and gathering information to fairly respond to your Company's customer service and claims issues, while necessary, is time consuming and expensive, even when the service issue may not be yours. Properly and promptly responding to your customer claims and service enquiries however, directly impacts your customer's perception of your organization and the likelihood of their continuing to be your customer in the future.

Depending upon the nature of your organization, customer claims service may be your core business or a necessary facility required to provide client satisfaction for the goods and services you offer.

Gathering the information needed to fairly service and resolve customer expectations is therefore a critical element of your claims resolution process. Using company personnel or independent third party service providers to obtain a concise portfolio of information you require to settle an issue is both time consuming and costly. Each directly impacts your bottom line and consumer perception and perspective.

SourceFolio Inc. can assist your data gathering requirements and resolution process, significantly lowering both turnaround settlement times, your personnel claim handling resources and their resulting costs.

Engage your customer in the information gathering process using your client's own mobile smart phone and/or tablet technology devices to secure written or verbal statements, photo and video documentation needed to fairly resolve your customer product or service claim issues. Your customer will thank you for actively involving and engaging them in the claim settlement process, speeding up resolution cycle time, while measurably lowering your administrative and direct claims costs.

SourceFolio Inc. offers a secure, cloud based, customizable dashboard service claims information solution in conjunction with your customer's willingness and energy to participate. Utilize their "smart" mobile device technology to provide the information you need to fairly resolve their issue. Inexpensively. Should your customer not have a smart phone or tablet, give us two (2) hours. We will send some one to meet them at their convenience who does (not yet available everywhere).

Significantly reduce your internal claims handling resource costs. Minimize or eliminate task based, use of out sourced third party service providers. Have your customer upload statements, photos, recordings and video information you require to satisfy your customer claim issues. Faster.

If necessary, efficiently share your customer's gathered information (documents, photos and video) using a "crowd sourced" or targeted restoration or repair service to determine the costs to resolve your customer's requirements, assuming you may be responsible.

SourceFolio Inc's dashboard keeps you, your customer and service providers informed of progress without having to directly engage with your staff. Track and document everything to a successful resolution for less.

SourceFolio Inc's claims resolution information gathering platform is adaptable to any industry. Whether a customer service department or full fledged insurance claims facility we help to significantly lower your information gathering costs, reducing cycle times and improving your customer experience and retention opportunity with legendary performance.

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Depending upon the nature of your organization, customer claims service may be your core business or a necessary facility required to provide client satisfaction for the goods and services you offer.

Put your customers' mobile device(s) to work for you.

Smartphone ownership is way up in Canada. Users are getting increasingly addicted to their mobile devices. Canadian estimates are more than 56 per cent of adults use a Smartphone, up from 33 per cent in early 2012. About 80% of Smartphone owners don't leave home without them. Two-thirds say they use their mobile device every day. About 35 per cent of users said they had become so reliant on mobile connectivity they would give up TV before having to part with their Smartphone.